Sunday, 13 May 2007

War of the Worlds: Next Millenium

War of the Worlds: New Millennium
by: Douglas Niles

I just spent 10 days in the Kingdom of Siam, enjoying this book that Maksim, fellow White Wine Saucer and ace reporter, most kindly sent me as a gift a few weeks ago. Thanks awfully, old boy, and to thank you, here is White Wine Sauce's first ever book review!

The traditional WOTW story translated into a contemporary context, but it is NOT a novel of the recent Tom Cruise film. Think more Wells with Tom Clancy techno-military detail.

Its a very easy read with a fast paced and engaging story, though some technical blunders along the way do marr it just a little (...then again, VSF'ers aren't normally too interested in such nuances!).

Almost all the plotlines of the original Wells masterpeice are represented here including the Battle of Maybury Hill, the Artilleryman, the Thunderchild, etc. but are not the same as the original. Spotting the similarities was fun. The only one I couldn't see was the parson episode and being trapped under a cylinder. Without spoiling the plot, the ending also has a nice twist on the original.

Overall, an absorbing and enjoyable read which stays true to the spirit of Wells.

I give it 7.5/10

You can read more about it here:

Thanks again, Maks! I haven't read a novel for ages and this was just the tonic I needed for a bit of R&R!

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MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Tas,

Glad you enjoyed it!

Been meaning to send you a care package for a bit, finally got around to it!

All the best to you and yours, mate!


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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!