Friday, 1 June 2007


Today I received the following delightful telegram:
Dear Sir,

I visited your excellent blog, and I thought that my own website might be of interest to you---OTTENSteam features articles and galleries about Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Retro-Futurism and may be found at the following address,

You may notice that OTTENSteam is part of a much larger website, named simply OTTENS, which also offers a History section featuring architecture, the occult, and articles about the mysteries and wonder weapons of the Third Reich.
Yours Faithfully,
Thankyou Ottens, I really appreciate your message. I like your website too.
For those who havent yet been there its described as:
"Welcome to OTTENSteam, offering articles and galleries about Steampunk, related genres and Retro-futurism. Recent additions to this section are listed below. Updates to this section will be announced on this page.
Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian alternate history setting. What is known today as Steampunk has its beginnings in the early days of Victorian penny dreadfuls and the encyclopedic novels of Jules Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires. An increasingly literate public took advantage of the opportunities for adventure and high romance offered them by Verne, H.G. Wells, H. Rider Haggard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burrougs, as well as the macabre tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and others. Steampunk is in part a nostalgic reclamation of Victorian and Edwardian Scientific Romances, imperialist adventures, Edisonades and Voyages Extraordinaires, reminiscing about a more elegant age of adventure that never really existed"

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!