Sunday, 7 October 2007

Painting at 1:1 Scale

I spent all weekend painting my new house before I move this week (yes, its another gangantuan effort to move my drinks cabinet 6" closer to Berlin"!).

After about 8 hrs on the second day, I started making a mental list on why painting this 1:1 scale models appeared harder than the 2mm and 6mm scales I'm usually happy to do.

In no particular order:
  • It has to look good at 1 inch AND 6 feet - at the SAME time
  • My wife (and every visitor) is as critical as a Golden Demon judge
  • Washing techniques make a mess on the floor
  • Drybrushing makes the wall look worse
  • Its hard to blend the exact colour you want and have enough for 18 square metres
  • Basing is a little more than kitty litter and some static grass.
  • Cleaning up is more than 2 small brushes and some newspaper

Got others of your own? Please leave a comment!


Tas said...

I started a few discussions on this topic at these threads:;f=59;t=10716;

Zophiel said...

Stunningly funny.

And when the time comes to mark your return to a preferred scale, I think I remember you mentioning a search for 15mm VSF robots. I'm wondering if the NSL POWER ARMOUR figures (SG15-N3) might serve in that capacity.

You can find them by visiting here:

...and scrolling down a bit more than half way.

Daniel said...

And now you know why I hired someone to do it for me the last time I painted my house. :-)

Well good luck with the next move!


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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!