Monday, 3 March 2008

New releases from Brigade

Hungary's contribution to the Imperial war effort - a new battleship class
based on the hull of the Ferdinand Max but with heavier main armament.

Brigade have announced their latest releases:

It's been a while ... but we have one or two new items for you.

There are two new Aeronef models. First is the Hungarian Szent Istvan battleship - this is based on the same hull as the Ferdinand Max but with a new, more heavily armed superstructure. The other new model is the Chilean Esmerelda class destroyer which means that the Santiago finally has something to escort it.

The arrival of the Szent Istvan has allowed us to produce a second Austro-Hungarian fleet pack featuring the SI plus a Budapest and supporting vessels, as well as an Austro-Hungarian Grand Fleet pack which is excellent value at around 20% off when compared to buying the models seperately. Finally, there's an A-H Escort Flotilla pack

We've released a Argentinian-Brazilian starter pack - we've been selling this off the stand at shows for a while and have decided to make it available off the website. There's also a new British Merchant Convoy pack with six assorted merchant vessels plus escorts.

We're continuing to add seperate turrets as an aid to scratchbuilding and conversions - this time we have the twin-gun barbette from the Russian Petrapavlovsk and Archangelsk Nef, and there's also a brand-new single barrelled version of the same barbette.

Finally, we have one of those products that seems rather dull but in fact turns out to be very useful. We've made a metal weight that fits inside the base of our standard plastic flying stands and makes larger models much more stable and less prone to tipping over. Available in packs of five from the Accessories page.

Our primary focus for Salute will be on the release of Land Ironclads - more news on this shortly, plus some details on a demo' game we're helping to put on at the show.


Esmeralda class Destroyer

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!