Saturday, 31 January 2009

Featherstone Naval rules released

The original classic is back - Huzzah indeed!

This book introduces wargamers to the fun of naval games. Using straightforward rules that reflect the period and encourage historical tactics, the rules in the book avoid the overly complex path that some later naval rules took.

This book contains over 15 sets of rules:
Tony Bath's Ancient Naval Rules
Summary of the Fletcher Pratt Naval Rules
Jack Scruby's Napoleonic Rules
Combined arms campaigns
Naval games for tactical training
Summary of the Fred Jane Naval Wargame
Discussion of operational choices
This revised edition includes:
A new set of coastal warfare rules for 1939-45 by David Manley
A new foreword by David Manley.


John Curry said...

thanks for the publicity,I received 36 hits from your site.

I am now almost ready to reprint Charlie Wesencraft's Practical Wargaming followed by Donald Featherstone's War Game Campaigns


ps I found your site very interesting, in particular I have a dinasour army that needs an outing! (I bought it at a sale).

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