Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Land Ironclads: Weird WW1

One of the most satisfactory things I am finding about being a co-author for a set of wargaming rules (apart from the obvious enjoyment of them by players, that is) is to see people use them for completely different purpose than when you we them.

The blog "SteelonSandBlog" has developed a 'Weird World War 1" angle for Land Ironclads and done a lovely job.

and to go with these models, the following scenario has been contrived. We look forward to more!

Land Dreadnoughts: Weird War 1919
It is 1919.

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand sits stolidly on the throne of Hungary, dismissing the attempt to assassinate him five years previously in Sarajevo as the "backfiring of a horseless carriage".
The war that failed to materialise in 1914 still simmers below the surface, with the Entente Cordiale sinking fast, as world-wide recession and colonial ambition strain the ties of peace between the Great Powers.

The Ottoman Empire is now not the only 'sick man of Europe'; all mankind is struggling to cope with the Influenza Pandemic, which has at least put paid to the recent Martian attempt to invade the Earth.

The likely arrival of other races of Alien origin has triggered a belated and somewhat haphazard arms race; military budgets starved of funds are now receiving greater priority, and technological innovation is driven by the need to gain supremacy over the other competing Powers, as much as to defend the Earth from further intrusions from Outer Space.

This is the Dawn of the Age of the Land Dreadnought:

The fight for global supremacy has begun!


Ogrefencer said...

These look really nice and it is great to see another take on the genre. I must confess that they are shaming me into doing something with my own unpainted lead mountain!

Tas said...

Dont feel alone in your shame buddy...

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!