Tuesday, 27 October 2009

HMS Rocket

Another YIAWWS Exclusive - by Vanvlak Industries!

HMS 'Rocket' is the lead ship of the MkII Airborne Steam Shunt (A.S.S.) class of unarmed vessel, a short range flyer used to shuffle cargo around docks. The long rail at the rear is used to attach cargo onto. The MkIIa is similar but has a redesigned aft section and is a dedicated dirigible and aeronef tug, although the MkII itself is sometimes put to the same use. The MkIIb is identical to the MkII but has an enclosed cockpit for space use.

'Rocket' is currently attached to the Mediterranean fleet, and has seen service in Malta and Graham Island.*


It's the first model in a new collection of vehicles I intend to build (no bets on whether I'll actually get them done...). They will be a loose assortment of Victoriana, mostly vehicles with some troops, all in 15mm scale. I'm currently working on the second vehicle, a Mk I Conveyancer. The vessels will be part of a joint British (Imperial)/Venetian force. I still have no idea what they are up to in the Mediterranean, or who their enemies would be (Barbary Coast Pirates? The Russian Navy?).

Peter Pig sailor at the helm.

Bravo old Boy - we've missed your unique style and great skills around here!


Ogrefencer said...

Stunning - absolutely stunning!!

Well done that man....!!!

Eli Arndt said...

Very nice and also very different from the sortso f things that usually show up in VSF.

Donogh said...

Very nice indeed - as Eli says, not your common garden variety 'nef

moif said...

Have you seen Jasper Morello? If not, I recommend you look it up asap

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!