Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tiny Troublesome Fellas...

View Halloo Chaps! With the cook busy making some festive brandy pies and basting the goose under the Memsahib's careful instruction I retired after a lunch of crubeens and beetroot to the study and was browsing the interweb on my personal Babbage Machine when I discovered a new business organisation in the Little Wars market called Troublemaker Games.

[EDIT: Their new website is here:]

Perusing their wares it appears they make available for purchase tiny models in what is known as 10 mil scale where the little soldiers are apparently just 10mm tall (one must confess that I am not quite sure what 10 mil is, sounds bloomin' Froggy to me, but apparently it is just under 1/2 an inch so bally small eh what?). Their range is some form of Wells inspired Land Ironclads scientific romance type with stalwart British types fighting the beastly Hun!
If one is quick one could get the man servant to purchase some for you before the festive period and snowy weather. Pip Pip!Ho!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Nice post Mssr! I hadn't seen these before.

Curiously, the weapons attached to those 'land frigates' look very modern! A quick swap out methinks.

Hurumph, yet another scale to be drawn into into...

Scott said...

Not sure why but everytime I click on your new posts, I immediately get redirected here:

Its rather annoying, not sure if you can do something about it?

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Thanks Scott - that hasn't happened to me and I'll look into it

ArmChairGeneral said...

Nice miniatures.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!