Friday, 18 July 2014

The Queen's Martian Rifles

Just finished this little known book by M.E. Brines, delivered to me by Amazon this week and which delivers a cracking good yarn.  

The Queen's Martian Rifles are an Infantry Battalion based on Mars and defend the British quarter of the European Conclave in the Martian Capital.  Along with contingents from the Royal and French Navies, and some foreign chaps from La Legion Etrangere, they protect the trading outpost that the Earthmen have with the technologically backward Martians.  But life is a dull on the Red Planet where nothing much ever happens- until the High Priests start getting Johnny Martian all excited and upset that is!

I really enjoyed this book, which is very much in the Space 1889 genre.  I won't give anything away but there are some scenes in it which are gratifyingly reminiscent of some of the classic movies I know appeal to many readers of this blog.  Its got a few overly religious undertones but they don't detract badly, and neither do the numerous typesetting issues along the way (it looks like a low budget, style production).

Overall, a most enjoyable and recommended yard that will have to reaching for your Space 1889 books with glee.


kmfrye said...

Well, I'm glad another reviewer liked this. I think I want to order it, but I'd hate to have read two not-very-good VSF books in a row.

Have you read "Last Days of the Thunder Child"? Every Amazon review of it is great - I'm beginning to think it's just me who don't like it.

Best regards,
Keith F.

Paul oftheManCave said...

I haven't read that actually, I'll check it out!

I think you'll like the Q.M.Rifles. As I said it has some heavily religious bits, but I quite enjoyed it and its got some great cinematic action.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!