Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Scenes from a Japanese film "Clouds on the Hill", which I have been unable to get a copy of so far.  Some good imagery in these clips, particularly the low freeboard on the capital ships.

There is also a great (and unfortunately hard to find) Japanese film "Battle of the Japan Sea" made in 1969.  The first few minutes are available on YouTube.

One of the more interesting written accounts of the whole battle that I have read is "The Fleet that had to Die" by Richard Hough.  Originally written by a Russian only a year or so after the battle, it has some very interesting perspectives regarding the Baltic Fleet and its epic journey from Russia to Tsushima and its subsequent destruction.  Well worth tracking a copy down.

And if you ever find yourself in Japan near Tokyo, you must go to the outlying city of Yokosuka and go onboard Admiral Togo's Flagship: the Battleship Mikasa.  I had the privilege in 1995 and it was fantastic.


Michael Awdry said...

Now that looks like an epic piece of movie making, happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to share this with the folks I'm with over at World of Warships game forum. Thanks man, it's good to see you're still cracking on.

A J said...

The film looks good, excellent realization of the ships and battle scenes. I've always had a liking for the old pre-Dreadnaughts.

Michael Peterson said...

That clip is a fine piece of CGI. I'd like to see the whole thing, with subtitles! I envy you having visited the Mikasa.

Red_Cardinal said...

I think this is more correctly called "Clouds Over the Hill" and it appears to be a tv series rather than a movie.

You can apparantly get it on ( but it's not cheap!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!