Friday, 3 April 2015

Austro-Hungarian Salzburg Class Carrier

Jack M recently posted some pics of this lovely Austro-Hungarian conversion, which he has named the Salzburg Class.  I am quite taken with this (one doesn't see too many AH conversions) and asked him if he would share the modelling tips of its construction here.  He kindly agreed and here it is:

I based it on a Ferdinand Max class Battleship (see here) but left out the main gundeck to give me the room to place a runway down once I'd offset the smokestacks.

I cut a couple of the sponsons from the Ferd Max and added them to rear superstructure to provide some guns. I felt this wasn't enough for a ship of this size so I cut down some spare masts to make the tiny turrets seen on the main deck and the upper rear of the Nef. With the spare rod from these masts I also added the twin guns on the prow as well as the fuel drums on the flight deck.

Finally, I added the main masts and a pair of Lohner-Taube's to complete the look and got it painted!

Great conversion Jack and thanks for sharing the modelling tips with us all!
Hope to see more of your fleets soon :-)


Jim Duncan said...

Great stuff, she looks magnificent.

I have some British, French and Prussian aeronefs stashed away somewhere.

I've never played a game with them.

John Lambshead said...

Fun model.

Tony said...

Looking good - I actually mean looking Great!


Peter Ball said...

Nice work, that, and the overhead shot has a lovely Star Wars Venator vibe!

Ogilvie VC said...

Lovely bit of kit. May I ask what rules you use for your Aeroneff engagements. I tried Dystopian rules once but got completely slaughtered.

Paul O'G said...

Ogilvie VC - even with its foibles I still enjoy using Wessex Games' original Aeronef rules.

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