Saturday, 23 May 2015

USS Nautilus and the Nemo connection

I recently had the opportunity of visiting the US Navy's Submarine Museum, which includes the historic ship USS Nautilus: the world's first nuclear powered vessel and the first submarine to transit across the Arctic and the North Pole.

Its always wonderful to visit a historic vessel and Nautilus was no exception.
During the visit I made three key observations:
- Submarines haven't really changed in design at all since WW2, and even then there only was modest evolution from WW1
- Some of the exact same equipment in Nautilus is still used today (e.g. sound powered telephones)
- In 1957 the French Navy presented the Nautilus with a unique gift which is displayed in her main deck passageway:
And yes, its an authentic French!

Captain Nemo and a certain French author would be proud I think!


Galdarbjelke said...

This is deep...a legendary novell onboard an historical submarine. Awesome!
Where can we find this USS Nautilus?

Anonymous said...

The USS Nautilus may be found next to Naval Submarine Base New London, which, in spite of its name, is actually in Groton, Ct. She was not there many years ago when I was stationed at Groton, but practically anything you wish to know may be found on their website:

Paul O'G said...

Thats the spot - thanks Anon!

Galdarbjelke said...

Many Thanks Sirs !

David Manley said...

I kick myself for missing out on visiting nautilus when Liz and I were last there. Got to the museum too late (but we did get to see Albacore)

Paul O'G said...

Well its well worth it if you need a new excuse to visit New England!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!