Thursday, 13 August 2015

Early Machine Guns

To add to my earlier posts of real life VSF period weapons, I offer the following early model machine guns:

Colt model M1895 Machine Gun (USMC Museum)

German Maxim Gun: note the padded knee rests on the rear of the tripod for gunner comfort and correct positioning (USMC Museum)
A different Model 1910 Maxim Gun with Gunshield and wheels which saw service in the Soviet Army of WW2 (NRA Museum)

French Machine Gun (USMC Museum)


CoastConFan said...

Those old Colt potato diggers got around and lot of them ended up in out of the way places. I saw one in a Turkish Museum in Polatli with artifacts from the Battle of Sakarya (summer 1921) from the Greco-Turkish War 1919-9122, where Turkish forces threw back Greek army from it’s deepest penetration of Anatolia, coming about 20 miles short of Ankara. Due to the disarmament of the old Ottoman Army, the new Republican army had to use any old gun they could turn up in the battle.

It’s been a long time since I visited the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico, back when I was a kid. It looks like things have changed. Back then, the indulgent marines allowed me to sit in the seat of an old Maxim gun and operate the bolt. But of course that was culturally a thousand years ago as opposed to only about half a century back. Funny, there was a lot less “gun crime” back then, but I guess I am editorializing here.

An early gun would also be the Gardner gun, a hand cranker and the Agar gun (Coffee Mill Gun), which was slightly earlier. Had they invented water cooled barrels sooner, these early guns might have been more successful.

Paul O'G said...

Thanks for that - have a look under the weapons label for Gatling and Nordenfelt guns too

Jason Meyers said...

Great stuff!

Jake Roberts said...

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