Sunday, 10 January 2016

Inspiration from the Imperial Science Museum

During our return journey from the New World, my family enjoyed a few days seeing the sights of London.  A bit of a world wind visit but we hit the main sights and enjoyed them once again (the kids were tiny last time and didn't remember them).  Couldn't help but take a few inspiring snaps at the Imperial Science Museum which I thought I needed to share.

First up, the famous Babbage Difference Engine, Mk1

And the larger Mk II, made in 1991 from Charles Babbage's designs

Detail of the computational mechanisms and brass pinwheels
 The Museum also had some wonderful models of period Flying machines - lots of dirigibles and early powered machines, not so many aeronefs!
La France 1884 (above) and Gifford Airship 1852 (below)
WW1 era designs 
Stringfellow's Flying Machine, 1848 - unconfirmed reports claim this as the first powered flight
Bleriot Criss Channel design, 1909 (1:10 scale)
Classic Rumpler Taube monoplane, originally designed in 1904
 Then there was the fantastic bit of engineering - one of the first steam locomotives - just look at those rivets and all the cross bracing - great stuff!  Note that the boiler is encased in a cask styled wooden sheath.

 A very worthwhile few hours meandering through the collection - highly recommended!


Michael Awdry said...

I really need to revisit the science museum, my problem is that I am too easily distracted by the dinosaurs next door!

Paul O'G said...

It is indeed a challenge! But given that we had been to three different Natural History Museums in the last year we decided to give that a miss. I recall from a decade or so ago that it is rather good though!

legatus hedlius said...

Haven't been there for years! I must get down there. Thanks for the pictures - don't remember any of those exhibits!

phann son said...

Yes its part of the Defence Fuel depot at Obelisk Bay.
I know a few guys so we'll see - fingers crossed!


sumon tripura said...
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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!