Saturday, 21 April 2007

New Aeronefs Launched!

Brigade have announced their latest releases, just in time for SALUTE (for those of you lucky to live in Old Blighty!)

US Lincoln class Battleship £6.00
US Baton Rouge class Cruiser £3.00
US Saginaw class Frigate £1.00

US Decatur class Frigate £1.00
US Fleet Pack #3 £18 (contains two of each of the above)

Turkish Sakarya class Dig Destroyer £1.75
Turkish War Balloon £1.50

Russian Strashchni class Destroyer £1.25

German DA-19 class Torpedo Frigate
A few weeks ago they also made available some bits for those who wish to up-gun their existing nefs, or even for loading into an indig. design
Looks like the arms race is alive and well!
Hopefully, they will updates and have other pictures on their website shortly!


Tas said...

Tony from Brigade Models left me a message:
Well spotted Paul !

Website early this week, I was too shattered last night and not much
better today !

Both US frigates and the Lincoln are in the Design Studio already, the
rest were put in moulds so fast we didn't have time to photograph them !

We also had loads of positive response on the little display of Land
Ironclads that we stuck on the stand on Saturday - can't wait to get
these little guys rolling out


MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Tas,

Thanks for sharing out the news!

Hope the naval exams aren't keep you too deeply buried...

Positive vibes to you, mate!


Tas said...

Thanks Maks, you can see from the creased post rate here that they are keeping me rather occupied!

cheers Old Boy!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!