Wednesday, 25 April 2007

New Brigade Models reviewed

David from the Wessex Games VSF has posted some reviews on the latest from brigade which he managed to pik up at SALUTE. This is what he says:

Here's my thoughts on the pre-production stuff from Brigade.
Please note that the production moulds may differ!

Landing craft and mortar barge.
Cracking models, well finished to usual Brigage style/standard. Landers come in large (45x20mm) & small (13x10) Is there a medium? Barge is snappy, deep with seperate mortar, 20x10 All could supply nef conversions.

Aussie Ironclad.
Nice model, slick, crisp, good small detail. 55x11.

Other river monitor or similar?
Uses Yank turrets and lots of them, so I'm guessing this is a static defensive piece of Yank design. No doubt my attempts at assembly will differ from the intended! The high control tower (24) call out to be put on a carrier!

Oh! The cylinders! Showing them to a non-player, she identified them correctly. That's the way to do it! I have 2 different, one slightly longer base, second unscrewed. Martians are difficult to tell apart in a zip lock bag, but here goes!

3 legged walker
1) has 4 legs and a heat ray3 legged walker
2) has 3 legs and a long probiscus(!)
4 legged walker has 5 legs and 2 collector/close combat type claws

Tall walker
1) is 4 legged with heat ray Tall walker
2) is 3 legged with probiscus.

I didn't get any bases.As the bodies are all the same size with minor differences in attatchment sockets, you can mix & match to make a variety of models. The addition of extra legs is gonna lead to some interesting conversions!

Tony from Brigade has since clarified "We probably won't ship the bases with the models after all - they are such a chunk of metal that they will distort the price, plus they don't fit Li basing standards ! We might offer them seperately."

Land Leviathans

French medium, comes with double-ended top shown or second with one big gun. 25x10mm

Some of these have wooden decks! Remember the post about Venusians? Russian cheap production jobs? Love the tall wheeled job. A Yank, maybe, part of a new land train? I like the idea of seperate/changeable tops. I have the idea that a few real giants are coming, Ogre style!All smaller contraptions come on sprue of 3 different. Brits are 10x5mm, turn any of them over and there's enough detail to use them as destroyed decoration on bases. Germans and French are a little smaller. Lone possibly French large contraption, 18x7mm of sleek cruser? Really nice sculpt, tracks are quite seperate from main body, rear twin guns are very crisp. My Russian sprues come with only 2, one being the Dmitriev Land Cruiser, 14x4, and the other a fantastic little armoured car type reminiscent of a bren carrier or "funny", 4mm square!

That's all folks, now wait for the pikkies!

Tony from Brigade also said "I'll be updating our website with these (and more) this week."

Thanks very much for the detailed information David - Great stuff!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!