Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Festive Season Expeditions

Christmas is almost here, and so are the the kids' holidays. Which means its time once again to rope them (willingly) into my Hobby with some pod racing, godzilla fights and the odd Dinosaur hunt!

I love dino hunting rules, but am thinking of making it a little more kid friendly by cobbling together bits and peices from a few rules sets (in true wargamer fashion!!) including Saurian Safari, TUSK, the Skull Island gamers, Jimland and Bob Beatties rules.

I need something that:
  • Captures and retains imagination of kids under 10
  • Is simple but has lots of player involvement (7 and 10 year old so simple rules mechanics are a must)
  • I can half-play and half-GM
  • Has excitement vice realism...without killing ALL the players too quickly!
Thus I thought a combination of the terrain that builds as you go (asper Bob Beatties rules - I really like the way he starts with an emptytable and the players explore as they go), the Skull island encounter system which has a bit more detail by terrain type than Saurian safari,b ut the combat system I am still unsure of. The Skull Island card-flipping idea could work well, and still leaves lots of dice rollingfor other stuff. I thought also perhaps of taking more 'extras' along so the parties last a little longer...


Nick said...

Please post what you come up with. You've got me thinking about doing a dinosaur hunt with my 4 year old. She already likes "Dino Hunt" by SJG (not that we really play so much as look at the cards and make dino sounds).

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!