Sunday, 14 September 2008

LI spotted in South Carolina!

TMP spies have declared that recent land ironclad actions in South Carolina have been most prolific, thanks to the South Carolina Historical Gaming Society. Reports also indicate a new kind of Ironclad model, more akin to gunboat monitors - Chris says :

On this site are several pictures from a couple of LI games that we recently played here in South Carolina, USA. In some of the pics you can see 8 land ironclads that I made by mating 1/1200 ACW ships with 1/300 WWII tank hulls. They are the ones on the longer lighter-green bases. The USS Cairo class ships on top of the KV hulls was a really easy conversion. For them all I had to do was cut the bow and stern peices off of the ships and file the Fuel tanks off of the soviet tank hulls. (text from TMP here:

Read the reports and see the full range of pics here:

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Eli Arndt said...

I love this battle! All the variety in the models and the Land Ironclads conversions are excellent.

The spoked wheeled LI were the inspiration for one of my own LI designs (pics at my own blog, if you'd like).

I hope we see more from these gents.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!