Sunday, 30 August 2009

Mea Culpas

Its true, I am a (typical) wargamer with no sense of consistency, and wade between gaming genres with no rhythm or plan. Indeed you can see from the posting rates here - its feast or famine, with not much to rave about of late.

Anyhow, with the last of my tertiary efforts now complete (and hanging on the wall), the VSF flame has been rekindled. Ironically, I found that this is the exact same time this happened a few years ago when on the first day of Spring (here in the Colonies that is), I got out all my stuff and cataloged it. A few small additions since then but nothing too significant.

Anyhow, I figure the time is ripe to delve into the big box of unmade lead and see what inspires me in the run up the White Wine Sauce's 4th Anniversary next Feb. I think the Russians might be well overdue for some attention actually, and of course their worthy Japanese adversaries too...

(Image courtesy of Wessex Games)


SteelonSand said...

Hi Tas, don't feel bad about relatively rare posts recently, your pages are still the number 1 resource on the 'net for all things VSF/Aeronef, particularly with the back catalogue you and your contributors have built up over the years!

Can't wait to see some Russo-Japanese high jinks in the Ether!

Keep up the good work, best regards, SteelonSand.

Ogrefencer said...

Ahh, the perennial wargaming problem - to paint, or not to paint..that is the question. Something about the best laid plans of mice and men etc springs to mind!It would be nice to have the Russkies in the air - if only so as to inspire my Turkish riposte!

Tas said...

Thank you kind Sirs for your comments. I was reading some WW1 Far East naval material and had flashbacks to my Tsingtau campaign plans. Hopefuly getting some Russians and Japanese Nefs completed will be the start of revamping that project. Plus I just got this lovely book on the lesser known Sino-Japanese wars in which the Chinese thrash about in a fleet of German and British built warships - inspiring stuff indeed!

Yours in a white wine sauce,

ArmChairGeneral said...


I completely get the whole going from genre to genre deal but I have loved VSF from the moment I read HG Wells Land Ironclads. I have to agree with your readers SteelonSand and Ogrefencer in that you have the premier VSF resource on the net!

I have aquired some old WW1 miniatures in blister packs (I know blister packs!) including a pair of renaults two armored cars and some french guns. I plan on painting them up and using them all for VSF. I might actually use them for WW1 as well but I figure it might be interesting to mix some of the WW1 germans in with the seabattalion and some of the WW1 Tommys with the Queen's finest. Should be a blast!

I will post the game that we are having this week which is going to use TSATF rules with Ironclad damage rules from The Iron Frontier.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!