Friday, 31 August 2007

New Nefs and the Balance of Power

Well its the first day of Spring here in the colonies, so as part of my Spring cleaning, I got all my lovely nefs out and catalogued them. That was a rather scary experience as you can see from this pile of lead!

Unearthing the motherlode, this hasnt been out of the box since moving house in Jan

[BTW I made a deliberate point of not working out what the total cost would be to buy them, please dont work it out and tell me either OK?)

Apart from reams of information on numbers and classes etc, I calculated the force structures, which actually became rather interesting. ( I have also just spent a few weeks studying naval armament conferences such as the Washington Treaty so that put me in the right frame of mind).

Using traditional categories of ship types (Capital Ships : Cruiser Force : Escorts), I determined I have the following distribution of aero-naval strength amongst the great powers:

  • Great Britain 4 : 1 : 11 Note: 1 Capital Ship is a Carrier
  • France 2 : 5 : 5 Note: both Capital Ships are Carriers
  • Russia 0 : 4(+1) : 12 Note: not including Aerial forts
  • Germany 1 : 2: 10 Note: all dirigibles
  • Austro-Hungary 1 : 1 : 8
  • Turkey 2 : 2 : 15 Note: not including War Balloons
  • Japan 0 : 0 : 6
  • Pirate/Anarchist 0 : 1 : 3
  • Minor Powers (combined) 0 : 4 : 2

So based on this distribution, Great Britain is in trouble and needs more cruisers and the assistance of her Japanese Allies, the Russians need more battleships, a Franco-German Alliance would do well and Turkey should rule the Air! (those Turkish 'Nefs are so nice, obviously I cant help myself).

Maybe some redistribution is required....or maybe some more purchases!

Coincidentally, I also received today some 'nefs in the mail as part of a trade (thanks Jon!) - an British Audacious Class Battlecruiser and Argus Class Carrier (not shown), and a small Russian Squadron with 3 Destroyers and a Seaplane tender. Its always nice to have them show up ready for action...just have to get the rest of the fleets to the same stage!

Here they are here, click as usual for bigger pics. The Fleets continue to grow....

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