Thursday, 30 August 2007

Cavorite Spheres!

Oh yes, its time for more Astronef goodness!

Cavorite Sphere by Larson designs
Medium: Resin
Diameter: 3.5"

"Based on the H.G. Wells' classic 1901 novel, 1964's movie "First Men in the Moon" told the story of British inventor Dr. Joseph Cavor who, along with his handsome young neighbor and his comely girlfriend, flew to the moon in 1899 aboard a metal sphere coated with an anti-gravity paste dubbed "Cavorite."
[Note that in the movie the 1890s expedition claim the Moon for Queen Victoria, Huzzah! - Tas]
As depicted in the film, the "sphere" was a multi-sided bathosphere-like contraption studded with rail car bumpers that allowed it to make a "hard" landing on the moon and roll safely to a stop. It was "steered" by opening the closing strategically placed Cavorite-coated panels like Venetian blinds, thus "repelling" the craft from either the Earth or its closest satellite.
The sphere's heavy geometry and rivet-covered surface beautifully evoked the simple functionality of Victorian-era technology.

The kit consists of upper and lower body halves, plus individual rail car bumper and eight portholes."

There are some nice pics of a very similar model on this french site here:

or this Union Class dropship for Battletech (by IronWind Metals) would make a great Cavorite Sphere too! (thanks to master converter Vanvlak for the suggestion)

BTW the font of all knowledge (Wikipedia) defines Cavorite as:

"Cavorite is impervious to gravity and can shield other materials from its effects. It is used to shield a craft from Earth's pull, allowing easy flight. It was named after its discoverer, Dr Cavor, who used its levitational properties to travel to the Moon.

It also coats Martian flying machines, although, it is referred to as a "gravity- blocking substance", and not Cavorite."

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!