Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tsuba Miniatures

I just came across these lovely Russian and Japanese figures of RJW era, made by Tsuba Miniataures in Germany.  Just perfect for Victorian/Edwardian era VSF or colonial gaming.

I've wanted to do a Russian Company for IHMN and think that these might be a great way ahead, rather than Russian Civil War figs (nice as they might be for Pulp games).  I'll just need to find some models somewhere for the obligatory 'over the top' and/or weird characters.

And for those desirous of a Japanese force, these are very nice too:

Japanese Cavalry figures will be added to the range early next year and I hope some Russian mounted troops will follow shortly thereafter.


Brian Botzan said...

Those are all really nice. Looking forward to see what you do with the Russians.

Gordon Richards said...

Those are great minis! As you say, perfect for an IHMN Company! Added to my (extensive) to-buy list!

DLI said...

I've some of these chaps in my collection. They saw action in one of my Venus games. They are excellent sculpts and my only regret is my painting 'skills' don't do them justice.

Paul O'G said...

Yes-that is my fear too!
Good to know they are just as good in the flesh though, thanks!

Panzer Kaput said...

These are wonderful figures and sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. I have some of the German Civil War range which are amazing and if they are of the same standard and quality these are very good indeed.

Paul O'G said...

I do like those German Civil War figs too, the Red Sailors in particular. Have you got a link to yours painted up?

Galdarbjelke said...

Lovely figures, I am also waiting to see what kind of Russians it will be. =)

No Vember said...

Fantastic minis. The detail is impressive, and the artwork simply superb. Thanks for sharing :)

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!