Thursday, 27 April 2006

British Walkers ready to deploy

Fresh from OGREFENCER's VSF Factorium, come the first of the British Walkers destined for future service in foreign lands in the suppression the recent Arab revolt (click for larger pics).

These walking ironclads come in two variants - a light scout variant and a heavier and more well armoured version, with 2 and 4 legs respectively.

Modelling Notes: All the models began life as Irregular Miniatures 2mm Sci Fi walkers with extra VSF fittings in the shape of plastic funnels and military masts - plastic rod and Battlefleet Gothic spares respectively, and extra gun batteries and flags courtesy of Brigade models. The bases are from Essex Miniatures, coated with PVA and sand. All painted and assembled by Ogrefencer.


Tas said...

Brilliant David!

These look great! The twin funnels on the 4 legged version looks fantastic and gives them the real "heavy" appearance.

The Flags give them a nice uniform feel as well. Very nice matey - well worth the wait in my opinion!


ogrefencer said...


You are too kind!

On with the Turks!!


Anonymous said...

Love these, the four leg one looks like it is ready to pounce.

Good Job, Well Done!


Foss1066 said...

Oh, those are brilliant!True land Leviathans.

Paul oftheManCave said...

Yes indeed - David did a great job on those!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!