Wednesday, 26 April 2006

New Dig Squadron takes to the Skies!

The long rumoured formation of the Luftschiffewaffe's 7th Zeppelin Flotilla was confirmed this week when they conducted their first series of aerial manoeuvres over Hamburg this week (click for bigger pics)

Several of the smaller dirigibles that comprise the 7th Flotilla are fresh from the builder's yards, while others have been reassigned. The Flotilla's veteran flagship, the mammoth Dig-battleship Frederick der Grosse, is one such example, having been withdrawn from the Baltic Reserve for refitting last year.

She is supported in the main battle line by the Zeppellin Cruisers Munchen, of the Royal of Bavarian Aero-Korps, and the Trident, recently reassigned from the Nacht Vitch (Night Witch) Raider Squadron and has yet to be repainted in more traditional colours.

In keeping with Luftschiffewaffe escort doctrine, the Flotilla is well supported by light elements. Amongst the lighter Zeppelin Squadrons are a pair of Dirigible-Destroyers, the Adler and the Falke (from the Kingdom of Württemberg)

A Light Zeppelin Squadron is assigned, though it is is still short a unit for a total of 5 Zeppelin-Frigates.

Two flights of the new winged Dig gunboats have also been assigned to the 7th to provide it with a precision bombing capability in support of the land army. The success of these new methods has still yet to be validated against an enemy field army.

The Luftschiffewaffe High Command has announced that the 7th Flotilla will undergo further field training and working-up exercises before being declared operational and assigned to Strategic Reserve later this Summer


Modeling Notes: All miniatures produced and supplied by Brigade Models, and painted by me. WW1 German decals by Skytrex. 2mm terrain features by Irregular Miniatures, home made hills, ground mat by GW


Anonymous said...

Those look really good Tas...and impressive in the full fleet shot.

The balloons of doom. *chuckles*

I admit it! I'm a greedy fleet please!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I like the way you've included the two with Bavarian and Wurtemburger colours, as well as the background. I hope we will be receiving a battle report for this fleet in the not too distant future

At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

From the Boys at EpiComms:

Awesome Tas!


Great fleet there. Would not want to have them flying over my cities. :-)

Wow !!!! Doez be BAlloonz !!!! Great work !!!

Legion 4

Hi Tas,

They look great!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Tas.
Dwarf Supreme
"I don't believe in destiny or the guiding hand of fate."

Anonymous said...

Hi Tas great work I love this Zeppelins and the walkers!!


Anonymous said...

These look even better on the table. Way to go!


Ogrefencer said...

A little late with my comment I know but nevertheless - these are
really nice - both from the paint job and the scenic setting. Also, a very credible background description. This kind of stuff really makes a difference to the alternate history and gives some real substance to proceedings.

Nice one mate - I cant wait to see the full review with the land stuff as well!

Ogre - still messing around with the Turks........

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