Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dreadnought Mk IV

Continuing their Iron Grip range, Isotx have unveiled the Rahmos Airforce's Dreadnought Mk IV Class, and awesome she is!


One of the most powerful and dangerous classes of airship in the world is the massive Dreadnought class. Built from the ground up to be the most effective battlewagon available, the Dreadnought Mk IV is only outsized by the brand new Carrier and a few individual vessels such as the Majestic. The pinnacle of line-o-battle warship technology, the Dreadnought Mk IV lies on the verge of a naval revolution. While it keeps its main armament in its broadside batteries of 8” and 10” guns, its effective firepower is multiplied several times over by the addition of newer, larger guns in higher mobility mounts – eight 12” guns, four per side, are housed in armored wide-angle casemates, and two 14” guns are contained in an armored gun turret amidships, facing forward. Powerful and accurate, these larger guns are capable of dealing devastating damage at long range, often before enemy ships can close within broadside range. With the advent of more powerful heavier-than-air planes, the Dreadnought was built with antiaircraft protection in mind, and the ship is studded with 5”, 3”, 40mm and 20mm rapid-fire cannons. The firepower unleashed by the antiaircraft battery makes it almost immune to enemy fighters, and extremely dangerous to larger bombers. Two aerial torpedo launchers give the ship some very heavy alternative firepower in medium range encounters. Triple drive screws give the airship a respectable top speed, and the huge numbers of ducted lift fans make it capable of gaining altitude more quickly than any other large ship of its type. No other single warship from any rival nation can match the Dreadnought in combat capability.

“Raked prow and cannons proud, she plies the skies, great majesty endowed. Propellers spin, machinery loud as the Dreadnought soars and conquers the clouds” – from Ode to the Dreadnought.

They also have some new, VSF style artwork here:
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Some Great Artwork!


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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!