Friday, 23 November 2007

NEW Prehistoric animal hunting rules

Tooth And Claw is a complete set of miniature wargame rules for the most civilised past-time of hunting extinct prehistoric mammals, by Chris Peers (author of Saurian Safari and Mammalian Mayhem)

Inspired mainly by the re-release of the splendid Dee Zee Miniatures models (though it does cater for a range of other creatures not so far included in this range),Tooth And Claw offers an exciting and challenging evening's entertainment. It uses fairly conventional skirmish wargame mechanisms to enable players to take on the roles of Stone Age tribesmen or Victorian big game hunters as they go in pursuit of some of the most dangerous creatures of all time - the monsters of the early Age of Mammals and the giants of the Ice Age.

All the players in Tooth And Claw take on the role of hunters, with the animals being controlled automatically. A game of this type lends itself perfectly to one-off scenarios, which can be played either solo or with a group of players. Players can either co-operate or compete against each other, according to their temperament or how you set things up.

The rulebook is 36 pages and fully illustrated in full colour throughout.

Available from all good hobby shops and from around 22nd November.


MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Tas,



Tas said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting these!

Don M said...

They do look like fun!

Don M said...

Joe just discovered Saurian Safari,
I'd better let him know about the follow up....)

Tas said...

I emailed WI about the absence of dinosaurs from the hunting prey list and they said:

"Hello Paul, it’s just ‘Mammalia Megafauna’ hunting. Including Mammoths, Cave lions, Smilodons, Dire Wolves, Rhinos, Gigantopithecus and Terror Birds to name but a few."

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