Sunday, 10 February 2008


With these exact words our very own stalwart of the Empire, Lord Royston of Rayleigh, greeted his opposite number from the Australian Naval Deputation, Commander Tas. Our readers may recall that Lord Royston had graciously offered to provide a welcome distraction fom the affairs of high office that the aforementioned Commander was engaged upon. For reasons of Imperial security few details of these high level discussions are available to the general public but suffice it say it can be guaranteed that closer relations with our Colonial comrades in arms is the happy result.

After the official welcome at Charing Cross and the exchange of gifts (including some hand made Stilton from the estate of Lord Royston as well many valuable building and reference materials whilst his Lordship was delighted to receive some typical Australian apparel as well as an addition to his family collection of stuffed animals in the shape of a Koala bear) - our two Imperial paladins proceeded to spend a most enjoyable day on an unofficial tour of the many book emporiums for which this particular corner of London is renowned. Several titles were acquired for the Australian Navy and the day also included visits to a number of gaming establishments as well as the famous Aeronef constuction yard at high Holborn, the world renowned Modelzone. Whilst en route the two gallant gentlemen paused frequently to take refreshment, especially the famous roast beef of England at the Marquis of Granby public house. Further halts for suitable refreshment were also held at the Princess Louise - where Commander Tas was delighted to make the reacquaintance of an old friend, Samuel Smith and finally at the Museum Tavern. The day ended in the shadow of the British Museum and it was at this point that a further token of goodwill was extended to Lord Royston by the presentation of a ceremonial medal and earnest good wishes for the future. His Lordship was visibly moved by this unexpected gesture although his regal bearing appeared to be as phlegmatic as ever. A resounding toast to the Queen followed amidst much steely eyed resolve and manly bearing.

In short, the brief but very pleasant diversion, enjoyed by those two most deserving pillars of the Empire away from the spotlight of duty, proved, in the most emphatic of ways, that whatever trials may face the subjects of the Queen, whatever foreign power deems it necessary to impose their evil machinations and intent upon this green and pleasant land, so there will be those upon whom the Empire can rely and trust in her hour of need. Be they in the firing line and facing an implacable for or maintaining the economic strength of our glorious Empire.

Huzzah for the officers and men of fair Australia's Navy!! Huzzah for the giants of commerce and finance!!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!