Friday, 10 March 2006

Der Prussian Steam Landram

Impressed by the recently demonstrated capabilities by the Maltese Landram in action against the Ottoman Turks, the best German minds got together to develop their own Landram. This was the result...

Recently unveiled at Military exercises on the Northern German plains, this high powered monster has 2 fully independant boiler systems to ensure batteld damage redundancy, and it proovide the best possible ramming speed. The contruction of the ram itself is a state secret but the Krupp steel symbol was obvious to all.

One jocular observer christened this monster "Klein Wilhelm" (Little Willy) but the true designation of the tank is unknown.

Modelling: The Landram is based on an GW Plastic Mk1 Landraider from the Epic range. It is reversed with most of the molded detail filled off. The ram itself is a golf tee (sufficiently mauled to give it the dents and divots) and extra bits added to VSF-ify it. The funnels are solid plastic tubing, drilled out to add the smoke effects. Flag is by Brigade Models


Anonymous said...

Looks like the buggers are over-compensating for something with that RAM eh?

Too funny how 40k tech can so easily be reduced to 1800’s tech.

Golly good show ol’man!


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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!