Wednesday, 1 March 2006

White Wine Sauce Receives International Acclaim!

Well, hello Sir Paul and a Good Day to You!

I'm happy to say that your fine White Whine Sauce is receiving international acclaim... from the hot lands of the Bible to the frozen wastes of the Czar's Expanses...

One of these many notices of your fine creations can be located here:

And regarding your recollections:

And last we saw of you Max was when we set off that cracker in the clacker of your camel and he shot off across the Egyptian dunes at high speed. That was back in '76 I think before we shipped out to see off the Zulus. Ahh good times...

It's Maks or Maksim and not Max, you silly Englishman!

You should watch your protocol, old boy, or next thing you know, you may be sent to one of Her Majesty's penal colonies... possibly even that one with Kangaroos and other such strangenesses!

And that stunt with the camel was my fault for agreeing to be one of the Czar's liason officer's to your Queen. I'll hopefully know better next time.

Of course, I remember when you woke up with a donkey after all that time you spent with the hookah, old bean... Ahh good times... (Such good times make one miss even bleak Siberia!)

Well, Mazel Tov and congratulations again, comrade-at-arms! May all your endeavors be great successes!


1 comment:

Tas said...

Well thanks Indeed Maks, and that was some damned strong Sheesha you stuck in the Hookah - darned near ripped my head off and the donkey simply smell took ages to come out of my Mess Jacket!

Huzzah for the Good Times!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!