Friday, 17 March 2006

Prussian Land Striders!

This week saw some clever intelligence delivered to HQ - those Prussians have developed some sort of steam powered land striders. While the armour is too think to stand up to sustained bombardment, they will be devilishly effective is supporting cavalry scouts and infantry skirmishers.

Modelling Notes: Based on GW's plastic epic scale Chaos Dreadnought. Rocket launcher and front filed off, cannon shortened. Added funnels and front windows. Decals by skytrex (WW1 German Range) .


Anonymous said...

They are just so cute. Look like great targets for our gunners. :-)

Serious, you are doing a wonderful job of using your imagination. I believe this is the most interesting part of VSF. The fun of the ideas.

Keep up the good work!


MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Tas,

I love 'em!

Great work and very creative use of old Epic walkers.


TF said...


Very impressive page, what?

Here are a few VSF space marines I did a while ago, along with a landship. They're all converted out of various Games Workshop bits.

Keep up the good work! England expects it!

Tas said...

Thanks Chaps - now to start on the Prussian Heavy Land Striders! Vorwarts!

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