Saturday, 10 June 2006

Massacre on Mars!

Her Majesty's Government this morning received a priority ethergram from the Commander of the Martian Expeditionary Contingent:

"I am saddened to report that the Mars expeditionary force sent by Her majesty's Government to the Red planet on June 3rd suffered a massive defeat at the hands of the Helium city guard and their nefarious Prussian allies."

It seems those Prussians stick their noses in everwhere! More details of the engagement can be found here at Patrick's Hobby Shed Blog:

I am so envious of that awesome Iron Giant figure Colonel! And great models all round. Its pics like these that keep me dithering between 15 and 25mm for large scale VSF...

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Anonymous said...

You know I am a 15mm man, but I think the real question between the 15mm and the 25/28mm choice is the role of heros or characters will play in your games.

It is true that 28mm has more character type figures available. 28mm is also the king of terrain right now.

But, if you want to do more then a small level skirmish 28mm starts to gain in cost quickly. Also the size of the terrain and other items like steam tanks etc also make storage harder.

I know 6mm would offer you vast fields of troops cheaply but 6 mm does not have any characters and to convert them is also hard.

15mm offers a good range of troops and is not void of characters, just not a lot. But it is a good scale for skirmish to good sized battles.

So the question is, do you ant the single hero figure to be top importance, middle, or non-existant? See, answer that, and the rest seems to fall into place. :-)


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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!