Monday, 22 January 2007

The balance of power upset?

Greetings old chap,
long time no see and all that - but the hush-hush job I'm in keeps me away from the writing desk. A remarkable event has occured over the lagoon - the Venetians are calling it a miracle, and a portent; I'd sum it up as a phenomenon, and one which could well tip the balance of power. I've seen it with my very eyes, old boy. A dashed great Aeronef of unknown design. All modern looking - newer than new, if you grasp my meaning. It even has one of those newfangled aeroplane flimsies mounted atop a long rail which apppears to serve the purpose of launching the contraption. There's rumour that dashed time machine merchant is involved; and agent 7 says there is some notion that 'Philadelphia' is somehow related to this business, although our American ears hear nothing. Confound it, the Mediterranean is all upset again! Ah well, chin up and all that.
Cheers, old fellow, and keep the od sauce bowl warm.


Zophiel said...

That is utterly stunning and puts my Martian nef to shame.

dafrca said...

V the spotter plane is a great touch. It makes it feel "right" in scale.

Turned out wonderful I would say.


Tas said...

Awesome V - She came out quite beautifully! The trademark Vanmullikan metallic shades look great and I agree with dafcra, the spotter plane is just the thing (glad my suggestion wasnt complete bollocks!). Bravo I say!

And no Zophiel, it doesnt, its a completly different scale and objective. What they both do is put my lack of productivity to shame...

Vanmullikan said...

Thank you, sirs. As you can see, Tas, your suggestion was followed to the letter. And well spotted, it's the 'traditional Van shade' again!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!