Thursday, 4 January 2007

Glider tank unveiled!

From the long dormant Vanmullikan Industries factory (which has been devoted to other outputs for some time) comes the innovative Glider Tank !

Want to launch a surprise attack on the daft old enemy using heavy tanks? Then fly in a force of gunwagons on glider wings!
Rocket-launched, preferably off a cliff-edge, or released from 'nefs, they then glide silently towards the drop zone and into action. And of course the VSF Pathans, with their huge cannon mounted on wheeled/tracked carriages, think it would be cool too.... ;)

V's Modelling Notes: Tank is a standard GW Epic scale Ork Braincrusha. The wings and the two struts come from a 1/48 scale Hawker fury by Airfix. Bit of a waste if it were not for the fact I had this idea of finishing it as a monoplane. The camo: just white sprayed over black, with some green spray; all covered in the usual chestnut wash.

Another brilliant Vanmullikan recipe of 75% inspiration, 10% insanity and 20% design ingenuity!


dafrca said...

I see Vanmullikan Industries is up to their same old tricks. Such skill and yet scarry ideas at the same time. I feel for the poor tanker who finds his wings clipped too far up from the ground.

In any case, well done old boy!


Ogrefencer said...

Very nice indeed - this has given the Turks a few ideas to be sure. My only comment is that the maths on the percebtages are wring as they add up to 105. Another perfidious Vanmullikan trick no doubt........

Somewhere Ogre the rainbow.

Paul said...

Indeed, and thus the insanity ingredent of 10%!!! :-)

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!