Tuesday, 2 January 2007

WOTW Tripods and Flyers

If you havent seen them before (and I hadnt), Studio Bergstrom offer a range of WOTW Flyers and Tripods, directly out the the 1953 Film. Neat!

A review by Thomas Pope said:
"The sculpting is pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but then again, there isn't much detail here that needs to be replicated. The tripods are much closer in style to the invaders from the movie (sleekness of the lines, etc.) than they are to the book cover illustration.

Casting was much better than I had expected. I wasn't sure about this "tumble bright finish" he mentioned on the web page, but it didn't hurt the detail at all and did saved me a lot of work with a file. Mold lines were present but easily cleaned off. One word of warning, the alloy he uses is extremely hard! I almost broke my drill bit trying to drill a hole for the flight base. On the plus side, the relatively thin necks of the invaders were not damaged in shipping and look very sturdy.

A final note on the castings. The tripod legs were not cast in pewter. Instead, they are pins soldered into the body exactly like his prototype. I actually prefer this, he did a neat job of soldering them and they are much stronger than pewter legs would be."

You'll find the details on the Order form page


Zophiel said...

How small the world is.

I know Andrew Bergstrom. He's been making these models for nearly 20 years, I think. He and I have collaborated on design twice — long before I found VSF gaming — once for a more futuristic space game and a medallion.

When he works with other artists, he'll usually charge about $200 for set-up costs and he asks for the rights to also sell the product. In the case of the medallion, I asked that he simply mention the organization with which it was associated.

If I had to mention one criticism of his works it would be that all of his designs are inspired by existing science fiction. I'd like to see something completely original from him...

But they are reasonably well done and very affordable. And he's a nice guy, too.

Tas said...

Thanks for the good info zophiel - it is a small world indeed!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!