Monday, 29 January 2007

Brigade to make Nef scale Surface ships!

"A completely new range of historical pre-dreadnought era monitors and coastal battleships in 1/1200th scale. Ideal for use in Aeronef games."

There are four very nice looking models in the design studio, but my favourite is most definately this one:
VDN-101 Australian Cerberus class Monitor Possibly the world's first real battleship, the rusting hulk of the Cerberus lies off the coast of Victoria today.

She was a vessel of the Victorian Colonial Fleet and her wreck isnt far from where I used to live as a kid. I remember sailing past her several times and some of her superstructure is still visible.

More great releases to look forward to!


dafrca said...

Brigade is the VSF leader in my mind. They are covering most of the areas I am interested in. Now all they need to do is some 15mm stuff and I would never need to look anywhere else for my VSF needs. :-)


Tas said...

I totally agree!

Brighade are the leaders in VSF model production outsie 15mm (Aeronef, Iron Stars , and now Land Ironclads and pre-dreadnought ships) and complementnthe Wessex rules set (and forthcoming rule sets) brilliantly.

For 15mm VSF the choices are few in comparison to 25/28mm. Despite that, 15mm is the better scale for me for a variety of reasons. However, that does only leave a few manufacturers to choose from in this scale: Irregular, Black Hat and Regiment Games off the top of my head.

Lucky that so many historical figures cross straight over and that scratch builds very much look the part!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!