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THE IMPERIAL TIMES 5th February 1907

At an emergency session of parliament this afternoon it was announced that a delegation from the government of the Ottoman Empire would be carrying out a full state visit to the island of Malta for a series of summit meetings and official entertainments aimed at reducing the levels of tension and promoting closer levels of understanding and cooperation between the two states. A spokesman for the council of the Knights of St John of Malta - His Eminence Brother John Betts - has welcomed this initiative as a way to foster stronger ties between the two nations. The Ottoman delegation - headed by Pasha Daud Kirouk, the minister for Scientific Development - has already announced that the Turkish party will travel using an Air Malta Transport and is confident that this meeting will do much to repair the distrust and antipathy resulting from the second siege of the island in 1904.This initiative has been applauded by the international community and is scheduled to take place in July of this year.As well as a formal tour of the island their will be a symbolic ceremony of mourning at the large military cemetery to commemorate the fallen of both sides in the recent conflict. It is understood that the Turkish party will also return some historical artifacts taken from the island in 1565 as a further gesture of goodwill.

This journal will report on the full itinerary as soon as it is made available.


Tas said...

It is also reported, though unconfirmed, that a delegation from the British High Commission is scheduled to make a presentation on behalf of the Admiralty and bestow artifacts from the Australian Colonies upon the Maltese officials. Whether this is a prelude to a Australian Colonial Navy visitation remains a matter of speculation at this time.

Vanmullikan said...

The Order renews its welcome to Pasha Kirouk, and awaits the arrival of the Ottoman delegation with anticipation. We also welcome the prospects of a visit by the Australian Colonial Navy, an event which would certainly provoke an expression of joy by the local population.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!