Monday, 26 February 2007

Vagaries, Whims, and Fancies...

There can certainly be no way of prognosticating what may happen when items and surprises are shipped via Nef. In point of fact, these inconjecturable events — in association with anticipation — may cause us to seek recourse in the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

What deity must we petition? To which shall we sacrifice in exchange for the fleeting genius to create a machine that might construct a three-dimensional copy of one item - anywhere else in the world?

In short, it ought not take a week or longer to send a box of gifts to Paul and his children.


Tas said...

...which one must agree is not a long time for the sherpas to bear it along the mountain ranges to me here in the farthest reaches of the Hindukush!

We here in the colonies always look forward to visits by the Royal Mail packets and getting news from our comrades abroad :-D

Zophiel said...

The information provided for purposes of contenting Customs does little justice to the contents. It is merely sufficient - given the amount of space provided - but far from poetic in description.

The two vessels from Mr. Denny's laudable establishment are provided as supplementary rockets for the defense of the Colonies (and simultaneously pressed into service as additional packing material).

A crew of seven pirates, having escaped from Foundry Island, man the first rocket. While three Martian walking machines are carried in the second.

As the intentions of these migratory miscreants cannot be known, nor any guarantee for their good behavior obtained, a fleet of Royal vessels keeps close watch on their passage. The ships involved are far more than qualified for mere escort duties.

Their crews are entertained by musicians from Abney Park. Some description of the talents performance will be provided at a later date.

And a passenger hopes to pay a special and respectful visit to a young woman of notable reputation.

GuyUlysse said...

You may be know this site

they have a starwar lookalike

we still play with pirates

Tas said...

Arrrggghhh - and a grand game that be there matety! Ahoy!

Dont forget International talk like a Pirate Day on 19 Sep!

Aye, we have seen that armourcast website and we likes what we sees!

Thanks for dropping by Captain Guy!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!