Thursday, 22 February 2007

Paper VSF Models

Squirmydad’s page-o-creations and ramblings has a number of great paper models for free download.

Based on Space 1889 designs in 1/600 scale, he has an array of Martian, Russian, Brit, Yank and German Skygalleons and airships ready to go!


MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi Tas,

Great job with the blog!

Keep up the good work!


Tas said...

Thanks Maks,

the study load is preventing me from makign ddaily updates at the moment, but I'll still get a couple done each week

dafrca said...

These seem like they would be hard to build. I mean some of the parts are so small.

Have you tried to build any of them yet?


Tas said...
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Tas said...

No I havent yet dafrca - I think their real value is in using the plans to make balsa versions. And they are easily scaled up for, say, 15mm...

dafrca said...

Yes, I had thought of that, but because they are PDF and not some form of vector graphics they will loose their quality as I "scale" it up.


Tas said...

But if you are using just the shapes to make the model, it wont matter if you lose clarity on the graphics will it? As long as you can seethe outlones I mean.

squirmydad said...

Hello gents, Eric here, I didn't realize there was an interst in making larger scale versions of the cloudships and gunboats. Scaling things up, for me, is pretty easy as I do the majority of my work in Photoshop Layer Styles-which can scale just like vector graphics. I can scale something up and repost it, which ONE did you want in 15mm?

squirmydad at yahoo dot com

Tas said...

Hi Eric - that is a great site you have and some excellent models. For my mind, the Cicada would be the model of choice in 15mm, closely followed by the Czarina or Hamburg.

Tas said...

Dafrca said:
"Wow, the greedy part of me wants lots, but in truth the two I am most interested in are the Cicada and the Hamburg.

This could be quite fun"

Anonymous said...

So that I don't turn your blog into my forum;

I'll post updates there, you can post comments there too.


Tas said...

Will do - thanks Eric

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!