Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Boys Own Adventure!

A new VSF blog has popped up on the horizon:

Having claimed this heretofore blank space of the Web, forestalling the odious French, ghastly Huns and dastardly Russians, I welcome you to Boys' Own Adventure! Under the aegis of the Union Jack, and the protection of the Queen Empress it affords, on these pages you will be able to absorb the mores and morals of yesteryear when all that was needed to subjugate the globe to Commerce and Civilisation was a stiff upper lip, handsome moustaches, a pith helmet and the occasional recourse to one's .455 Mk. IV Webley. Huzzah!

Here you will find information on literature, films, games and more which all bear the stamp of Boys' Own. "But, hold on, Sir," I hear you cry, "just what is Boys' Own? What its characteristics? Whence its origins? Wherefore its heyday?"

That, dear Reader, is the subject of another post...

And it must be a top-hole kind of place because there is a link to Yours in a White Wine Sauce under the banner 'The Right Sort of Chaps" - guess it takes one to know one eh?


Don M said...

If he jumped off a crane with a standard bungee rope in front of his hooting, beer swilling pals, wearing surf-shorts and afterwards pumped his fist in the air while pulling an expression like he had just been sodomised then he would merely be an American.

Sad but true!

Broadsword said...

Many thanks for the publicity! BOA is not VSF though but celebrates "Boy's Own" as a strain of adventure fiction/real life/ movies and whatnot. But that's not so say trips to Mars are off the itinerary...

Tas said...

Indeed so - doesnt mean its not a good lark and a smashing good time though eh?

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!