Saturday, 26 January 2008


I've been pondering thrift in wargaming of late and have these notions to offer:

For smoke stacks and piping, consider black drinking straws. They come in three basic sizes — sipping, standard, and jumbo. The precise diameter of the latter depends largely on the manufacturer.

2000 for $6.95.

700 for $6.95 US.

Super, Jumbo, Mega...

And, while on the subject of "drinking accessories," prehistoric terrain can be supplemented with palm tree stirrers.
Pillars in temples and government buildings can be represented by wedding cake decorations. The resin bits that some companies offer are more or less the same design but usually quite a bit more expensive.

I have long thought that land mines can easily be simulated by spent hearing aid batteries. Of course, unless you have a device that uses them, collecting a good number of them may require a bit of resourceful thinking.

Simiarly, the flint wheel in disposable lighters is — in essence — a gear. Both the battery and gear can also be used to add detail to vehicles and robots.

And this last idea isn't mine (and, to be honest, I forget to whom it belongs) — but I have heard of someone using dried fruit and beans to add "nodules" and mounts to spacecraft models.

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Ogrefencer said...

Hi Zophiel, Cheapsiding it is - plastic spoons are good. The eating end makes for a very nice land ironclad crawler type vehicle. Wooden coffee stirrers from your local Satrbucks are also good for fittings and track sections. Plastic disposable razor handles and also the tops from sports drinking bottles - these make great turrets for larger scale vehicles.I am a great fan of scratchbuilding stuff for VSF as it is a lot of fun and using idead like these makes it cheap!!

I must remember to save the stirrer from my next G and T........

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!