Monday, 15 May 2006

Pride of the Venetian Fleet

John aka Vanvlak has revealed his latest Creation - the Venetian Monitor San Teodoro !

John says:

My holidays tend to start off new trends in my wargames. Remember Hammerin' Iron II? This is a historical ACW game I'd bought the rules and several ships (1:650 scale Peter Pig) for. I'd built one shi so far, and had painted up the Monitor when I realised these ships are a bit dull without flags. Now for some reason I couldn't print a decent Union flag, and I'm not a big fan of commercial flags (too glossy). So I'd gotten stuck. And the solution is - turn VSF and make a Venetian fleet! They fit in the theme quite well - the Venice lagoon instead of riverine warfare - and these will hopefully stop the Tripods from getting to Piazza San Marco. Here's no.1 - a Monitor-class ship, the San Teodoro. Now my problem is whether to split the ships in Venetian and opponent (e.g. Austrian) ships or just make for one large fleet.

And here's the lion of San Marco on the banner of 'La Serenissima' (the most serene state of Venice).There are twoversions of the banner - in one, the lion has the bible open; in the other, it is closed, and a sword is drawn for war. This is the latter flag.

Up to your usual standard of Great Work John - watch out for those lurking Turkish Aquanefs and their steam torpedoes...!


Ogrefencer said...

it is good see that the 'Old Queen of the Adriatic' still has some claws. J.Turk Esquire; late of Istanbul; had best beware when trying to ruffle this ladies petticoats!

Nice one Mr.B - I loved the flag.

Ogre and out

Vanmullikan said...

Thank you, Mr. Fencer. Mr. Turk should remember that ruffling could lead to Lepanto....
cheers, old chap,
your man in Malta.

Vanmullikan said...

Hi Paul - a reposte for Mr. Fencer.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!