Wednesday, 10 May 2006




Following on from our previous edition it is with extreme regret and heartfelt sorrow that it is our duty to report that the Turkish Government has failed to respond in a constructive fashion to our observations concerning the uncertain situation in the Red Sea. Despite numerous attempts to engage in a meaningful dialogue it is apparent that time for mere words has long passed and that action, however abhorrent it is deemed to be may now be the only course of action available in the resolution of the many issues outstanding in this region. It is obvious that the time for reasoning has passed and that the time for action is upon us. The expectation that Her Majesties forces will meekly retire to their bases and sit by idly whilst a rapacious predator makes light of all that is just and righteous is simply too outrageous to contemplate. The extraordinary demand that Imperial forces should withdraw to Egypt and the Mediterranean, thereby isolating our noble Arab Allies in their hour of greatest need and leaving them defenceless at the hands of their merciless oppressors is not an option that Her Majesties Government would consider. Similarly, the plight of the humble fishermen of the Gulf of Aqaba; risking life and limb daily, running the gauntlet of Turkish gunboats and minefields is a very unpalatable dish for Her Majesties Government to feast upon.

The Arabian Peninsula belongs to the Arabs who, although separated by tribal boundaries, are the legitimate ruling authorities and are recognised as such by Her Majesties Government. It is the avowed intention of the same Government to ensure that any such authorities are allowed free reign to administer their territories free from any would be oppressor.

The Turkish Government has maintained that the insurrection of the Bedouin tribes is not the struggle for independence as portrayed in the (British) press – rather it is rebellion against the lawful authority as decreed by right of conquest centuries ago. They further maintain that the mining of what are therefore, their own territorial waters, is a preventative measure to ensure that the various subversive elements (i.e. the revolting Bedouin Tribesmen) are unable to receive unwarranted foreign aid and is therefore not the business of any other sovereign power. They then go on to point out that the said minefields are within the 3-mile limit, which is internationally recognised. Her Majesties Government has information to the contrary in this case but has decided in any event to recall the ambassador from Damascus, Sir Reginald Arquette-Smythe.

A special edition of this journal will be published at midday tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good God man - such behaviour is an outrage. It just isnt civilised you know....

Tas said...

A great series of tumultuous events! Those heathen scoundrels have got another thing coming when they push around the Empire eh?

Looking forward reading the Special Edition to find out more!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!