Friday, 7 September 2007

Recovery Dirigible

Vanvlak has been at it again, and this is a WWS exclusive - not posted to anywhere else at all.
Its his new 'flagship' - a recovery dirigible. In his words:

"This is 'Lysander', a ship owned by Titan Marine Consolidated, and currently assisting the knights as can be seen from the scarlet-tail markings on the twin dig hull. She's a sort of floating goliath crane (the type was originally designated Double-Goliath) slung under twin dirigible hulls, with a sliding cabin hanging below the crane.

Capacity - er - well, some day I'll calculate how much two bags of helium (or should it be hydrogen?) can lift.

The crane colour is actually a reproduction of the green patched look one of the cranes we had at the shipyard had for some time when it was being repainted. The smaller rig is in yellow because - well, many cranes are yellow.... "

Great job once again V! I shall endeavour not to need her services for my Fleet!


Tas said...

TMP thread with some comments here:

dafrca said...

Once again I must ask, how does he do it. The great ideas that flow from this man are just wonderful.

Great Job!


Tas said...

I dont know where he draws his creativity from either, but lets hope its never-ending!

Vanvlak said...

Aw shucks (blush).

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!