Sunday, 23 September 2007

VSF Dog-fighting

Now here is something I've been thinking about for awhile - VSF dogfighting! This one is a later pulp version, but simple and full of the kind of silliness we have come to know and love from this genre.

BLAZING SKIES FLUFFY CLOUDS: Air War In the Age of Jingoism.
by Atkins Wargames

Flying Officer Stumpy Prangsworthy’s handlebar moustache streamed behind him in the 80mph wind as he craned his head round trying to locate where Von Strudels Flopper Troutplane had gone to. Deep within the cloud, the spineless Boche had shown his true colours and escaped Stumpys righteous justice. The little Armstrong-WTF 90hp engine growled a new song as he side-slipped his trusty Soppingwet Camel down towards the now helpless Gotha Inhimmel. The Gotha was almost at the target and in scant moments would land at the brewery and snatch No14 Squadrons Claret from under their noses.

Battle in the skies in your Soppingwet Camel, Hawker Ptooey, Flopper Troutplane, Gotha Inhimmel, Knockwurst Einedicker, Vicar’s Funbus, Vicar's Victim, State Model~1337 or Caproni Antipasto! Upgrades include:

  • Intimidating paint Job -Such is the fear instilled by the paint job, bandits firing at this kite are -1 to hit it

  • Iron undercarriage - +1 to Bumps rolls on fitted kite

  • Bribe the C.O - The C.O writes a glowing report on you. +1 gong point

  • Pints in the mess - Everyone thinks you’re a good chap, choose your kite for the next mission out of the squadrons inventory

  • Disposable Escape kit - Chap automatically escapes from enemy prison

Energy management, height management and the ability to scream "Dakkadakkadakka" whilst surrounded by fellow gamers is what this game's about. A strong campaign side allows pilot and plane development

From the Introduction (and their website):

"Suddenly from behind screaming out of a wingunder manoeuvre the Troutplane appeared in Stumpys vanity mirror, its machinenblastens sparkling motes of fire. A line of holes stitched up the Soppingwets wing and tore the aileron. “Blast you, Von Strudel “yelled Stumpy as he realised that he had been sold a duffer and was gone for a burton.

Only one trick could save him. Feathering his Kites prop, he hit the airbrakesand was rewarded with the bright pink Troutplane flashing under him.

Dropping the nose Stumpy let rip a corking burst which caught the Jerry a treat. Flames poured from the Troutplane’s Junkers Jumbo radial engine and Von Strudel Hit the Silk. Von Strudel shook his fist as Stumpy flashed past. “Verdammt Englander! Finish me now! The shame is too great!” “Not a chance old pip,” grinned Stumpy; “A Englishman flies by the rules of the game, and potting a Chap on his chute is defiantly not playing the game.”

What a laugh! Sounds great and with just a little imagination, a swag of VSF kites could be gathered also.

See more about this great sounding game here:

Or read more and see an AAR here:

and I found an old News article at TMP with some comments here:

Has anyone played or seen this played?

"So no more time for breifing chaps, Scramble! Chocks away and we'll be back before opening time! Hurrah!"


Don M said...

LOL, this is the first I've heard of this! But, yes this is VSF doable!

Tas said...

I asked Pete (one of the authors) about a VSF version. He said:

"BSFC is kind of generic, I set it in a revisionist early 20th century, but the mechanic's would work for a VSF game with Steam driven flapping machines and Coal-dust powered Rockets...or indeed modern fighter jets. Thanks for the plug on your site.

All the best, Pete."

Don M said...

Tas, the really neat thing is
you could actually re-fight that
zeppelin attack from the film Flyboys...)

Bill said...

This can get out of hand, I like that ;-)

Tas said...

You're right Don, using the big Zepp model posted a few days ago - good idea!

**This can get out of hand, I like that ;-)

Isnt that the point Bill? Me too!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!