Thursday 31 December 2009

Aussie NYE Aeronef Championship

Held yesterday, one can read the results here:

And see some pics of the great looking fleets here:


Karsten's Brazillian Fleet - Nice eh?

Monday 28 December 2009

Factorium Closes

In preparation for next week's relocation to more southern provinces of the Colonies, my VSF Factorium has now officially ceased production. Today saw packing begin in earnest, including the boxing of factorium automatons and materiel.
We hope to re-commence production of vital war supplies as soon as possible.
Long live the Queen!

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas to All!

Monday 21 December 2009

Rivers in 2mm scale

Sick of the lack of rivers terrain available in 2mm, SteelonSand has published an article on converting some from larger sclae ditches. Its simple and very effective - well done old Chap!

Its got me to thinking its just the thing to try some medium altitude bridge-busting sorties with some Harasser Squadron 'Nefs...surrounded by Anti-Aeronef Land Ironclad batteries of course!

SMLS Syren

Mssr Blease of Wessex fame has conconcoted a lovely replica of the Baron's hard hitting and extensively modified SMLS (Seiner Majestät LuftSchiff) Syren.

While you have to wait just a little longer to read about the Baron's adventures (worth the wait I hope!), enjoy Steve's modelling here:

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Sunday 13 December 2009

Aeronef over the Aegean!

More news from Wessex Games:

Having finished the typesetting of Aeronef Over Carpathia it has been
renamed Aeronef Over The Aegean as the battles take place there not
over Carpathia!! :-)

Hope to have it out the week commencing the 21st, Brigade are doing a
campaign pack for you to buy with all the models you need to play the



Wednesday 2 December 2009

Aeronef over Carpathia

From Wessex Games:

Apparently there is a rumour on TMP that Wessex Games are "intending to go out of business", not true, we've just been over taken by real life pressures that occasionally impact us.

As proof that we are still around we are going to release a nice little Christmas present for Aeronef gamers in the form of Aeronef Over Carpthia (Wrath of the Syren) - and the really good news is that it'll be free!

Written by Paul O'Grady, this is a three scenario mini-campaign centred around the actions of Hungarian noble Baron Lantoz in 1890's Eastern Europe against the might of the Ottoman Empire.

Typesetting is underway and we should have Aeronef Over Carpathia available as a free PDF download at Wargame Vault in time for some festive 'neffiness.

Sounds awesome (and well written to boot!). OK, I can now confess this secret project which I have been working on over the last few months. Kudos and much thanks to Ogrefencer for his significant written input, and to Zophiel for his excellent artwork.

Festive VSF cheer

Looking for that priceless present for the one you love?

Looking to convert your opponent to the wonders of VSF?

Fed up with socks from Auntie Mabel?

Fear not - Wessex Games are providing the world with some Festive VSF PDF
cheer this December...

For the whole of December we are selling Aeronef, The Aeronef
Captain's Handbook and Land Ironclads at a whopping 25% off the normal

Huzzah!! You cry, but wait there is more...

For December we are selling all three rules in one Les Guerres
Extraordinares bundle with a cataclysmic 33% discount!!!

Triple Huzzah!!!

Just click this link to bring yourself (or someone you love) some
festive cheer:


An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!