Saturday 30 January 2010

Tis a week to be Published!

Hot on the heels of the release Aeronef over the Aegean, I received my copy of Ragnarok 56 today. And a cracking read it is BTW!

In there in the Melting Pot section (for miniatures reviews) was a review I did of Brigade Model's HMVS Cerberus which I put together last year and frankly forgotten about! So my first modest written contibution to SFSFW has been published (I have had a picture in there before)- open the Gin!

BTW - one of the two surviving Guns from Cerberus lies less than a km from my new house!

Thursday 28 January 2010

Aeronef Over The Aegean

Huzzah and Hurrah - Aeronef Over The Aegean (formerly over the Carpathians) has now been released in PDF format!
Its available at Wargame Vault for a nominal $1, with all Wessex Games' royalties will be donated to charity. The first charity will be the Doctors Without Borders Haiti Emergency Fund.

Brigade Models also have minaitures pack vailable to play all the campaign games;

Chuffed and proud authors have wet the baby's head with Gin and French bubbly! Well this one has anyway...

Update: sales of AotA have now raised $100USD for the Haiti victims - thank you gents!

Saturday 16 January 2010

Ragnarok 56 out and about

Issue 56 has been published, containing:
Allies and Mercenaries In Warhammer 40,000
Fantasy Air Wargaming
Competition: Fantasy Air Wargaming
If Rome Had Not Fallen
“Tighten the Line” Scenario
Space Vixens: Divine Wind
Space Hrud
The Rules of War - 3rd Edition Space Hulk reviewed
The Melting Pot - Miniature Reviews

SFSFW members should see theirs soon!

Monday 11 January 2010

Open the Gin...again!

The Factorium is still boxed up but the bar is unpacked and we are back online in a secret new location in the southern provinces of the colony!

The new residence (a true heritage syle mansion I must say) even has its own lemon tree for the freshest GnTs possible - lovely!

[and I see we cracked 60 followers in the meantime - welcome lads!]

Sunday 3 January 2010

Once more into the Hindu-kush!

The baggage is packed and the bearers are ready. A small yet well furnished palanquin has been prepared for the ladies travelling with us. Time to depart for the new abode - I will rejoin the YIAWWS team once the bar has been erected at the new estate!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!