Saturday 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Hope you have a great one Chaps!

Friday 29 March 2013

Well that is a little awkward...

It takes awhile for the steam packet to arrive from London and deliver the Times, so excuse my excitement in hearing of Brigade Models' Birthday Sale.  I had pulled out my 'wants and needs' list in a rush, somehow overlooking the fact that it was last month not this month.

Apologies to all and sundry, but my birthday wishes to Brigade Models remain undaunted!


Happy Birthday Brigade Models

and to celebrate, a 25% off sale  for the next 48 hrs only - Huzzah !!!

Saturday 23 March 2013

Reminiscences of a Volunteer

A free pdf download of George Chesney's classic tale is available at Book Depository here:

Sir George Tomkyns Chesney (1830-1895) was British Army general and brother of Colonel Charles Cornwallis Chesney. Educated at Blundell's School, Tiverton, and at Addiscombe, he entered the Bengal Engineers as second lieutenant in 1848. He was employed for some years in the public works department and, on the outbreak of the Indian rebellion of 1857, joined the Ambala column, was field engineer at the battle of Badli-ke-serai, brigade-major of engineers throughout the siege of Delhi, and was severely wounded in the assault (he received a medal and clasp and a brevet majority). In 1860, he was appointed head of a new department in connection with the public works accounts. His book Indian Polity (1868), dealing with the administration of the several departments of the Indian government, attracted wide attention and remains a permanent textbook. In 1871, he contributed to Blackwoods Magazine a highly influential short story called The Battle of Dorking: Reminiscences of a Volunteer, a vivid account of a supposed invasion of England by the Germans after their victory over France.

Saturday 2 March 2013

D'Orcy's Airship Manual

I've found a rather fascinating book online:
D'Orcy's Airship Manual: An International Register of Airships with a Compendium of the Airship's Elementary Mechanics 
Well worth the effort of a free download - enjoy!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!

An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!