Wednesday 22 December 2021

Sky Galleons of Mars

Following up on the recent ground action, we took to the skies with some classic Sky Galleons of Mars. We played a meeting engagement between British Squadron and Martians, with scratch-built ships by our talented friend Andrew.

Syrtis Major Royal Naval Air Squadron 

1 x Reliant class aerial cruiser escorted by 

1 x Dauntless and 1 x Aphid gunboats

Oenetrian Allied Fleet

2 x Whisperdeath large kites

2 x Hull cutters

1 x Skyfire Screw Galley

The British formation manoeuvres to windward to maintain the range

The allied Martian fleet deploys

The Reliant and Dauntless catch a Martian Kite and take her under heavy fire

The Martians move upwind to close the range

The engagement becomes general

A long range Martian shot cripples the Reliant's lift mechanism, and her escorts scramble to screen her

Martian Screw Galleys break through the British escorts and grapple with the Dauntless

Swarmed by the combined enemy crews, the British Marines and sailors fight valiantly but futilely

And so the Oenotrian Fleet gained a decisive Victory over their hated British foes, but they would soon learn that the resolve of the Earthman was not so easily broken...


daveb said...

I didn't realize cloudships of mars used maps with so few hexes. I guess the movement ranges are short?

The Jolly Broom Man said...

Top stuff. Nice scratch built ships.

Captain Darling said...

Top stuff Paul, good AAR of a good looking game. I like Your miniatures.

Paul O'G said...

Thank you all, it was indeed fun!

Dave - worked well for squadron actions (max move was 6, max range was 8 for the 6" mount) but I can see it might be a bit cramped for bigger fleet actions

David Crook said...

G’Day Paul,

I cant believe I missed seeing this - what a wonderful looking game and the models are fantastic! Please pass on my congratulations to Andrew for his amazing work and I would love to get some good close ups of the models.

All the best,


Bob Beattie said...

Beautiful presentation! How did you make such even hexes?

PatG said...

Wow great table an miniatures!

Vanvlak said...

Hi Paul,
glad the old link to White Wine Sauce I dug up worked, nice report and action. I have taken interest in hex-based movement recently, albeit with a lot more water involved in the process.

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!