Saturday 6 January 2024

Idaeus Fons Garde deployed!

To start the new year, a battalion of the French Grenadier Garde has been deployed to Idaeus Fons by Ethership! As an elite, well equipped unit it musters 36 Guardsmen and Officers. 

"Mon dieu! Tre magnifique!" say the swooning Mesdemoiselles!

The 36 figs will be deployed in 3 units of 12 men using our Men Who Would Be Kings rules, spending the extra points to make them both Fierce and Well Disciplined.

Allons enfants de la patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrivé !

They will be based at the main French base at Idaeus Fons, and ensure this seat of power remains secure from all foes: European and Martian alike! There are rumours that this new firepower will be the key to making a bold move to secure another city state and expand French influence in the Xanthe region and the Red Planet more broadly.

Their features are wonderfully sculpted -
doing them some measure of justice was a challenge!

Models are by Great War Miniatures, from their Crimean War range, and distributed via Northstar. Painted in classic triad style - no speed/contrast paints were harmed in the making of this unit. I also discovered a new technique for painting small buttons - a toothpick!

A Brigade Commander's view of their march to Victory!

These are the first Guard figs I've painted for any era - hopefully they pass muster! :-)


Fitz-Badger said...

They look excellent!

Jim Jackaman said...

Ooh...very neat 😎

The Jolly Broom Man said...

Magnifique monsieur

Paul O'G said...

Thanks indeed Gentlemen!

jvapocalypto said...

Quelle belle unité, vive le republic!

Paul O'G said...

Merci beaucoup, mon ami!

daveb said...

I really like the bold blue blanket roll. Red paints look pretty smart too.
Time to send the baddies scurrying for the hills (whomever they may be)

Paul O'G said...

Thanks Dave!

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An exploration of debauchery, vice and other reasons to be a man!